Design a COACH tote contest

COACH recently had an online contest looking for an inspiring and unique design to be featured on their tote bags. The winner will receive a shopping spree of US$ 2,500, some Coach goodies, and the winning design will be printed on the next Coach limited edition totes. I’m not particularly a fan of Coach, but after seeing some of the design submission online, they look pretty cool. It’s definitely a smart way to revamp their brand, especially now that Coach is experiencing a tremendous increase in sale after more and more Americans shifted their accessory preference, from European luxury labels to a cheaper and more affordable local brand. Coach has succeeded in targeting to a wider “audience” of middle and upper class shoppers in this slow economy. Their stores could easily be found in every suburban malls across the US, and every American teens seem to be their #1 loyal customers. Too bad that the contest has ended, but knowing that there’s a Coach store in Indonesia, maybe this limited edition tote bag would also be sold in their Jakarta branch. Check out the top ranked entries, here

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