The Cult House

If you’re a perfume maniac, you will love Glow, Living Beauty. The new concept store opened a few months ago houses a wide selections of fragrances as well as a few cosmetic brands such as Shiseido, Guerlain, Makeup Factory etc. When you enter the store, you will see pretty much the same brands you see in other department stores, but walking past the DKNYs, the Armanis and the Escadas, you will see a little corner that I would call paradise.

There, neatly arranged in a simple shelf, lie a few selected, hard-to-find, niche brands of that would make any parfume aficionados’ hearts beat faster : L’Artisan, Etro, Annick Goutal, Comme de Garcons!

I was like a kid in a candy store. I really wish I had more than one nose so I could sniff every perfume available there without feeling nauseous. The SA was kind enough to spray those fragrances on my wrist even after I told him I’d probably need a lot of time to decide and won’t buy any right away (there are too many options and these stuff ain’t cheap!). He even gave me a handful of samples to take home at the end of my manic sniffing session! I LOVE him!

Anyway, I finally got to sample some of the cult products I’ve been reading about all this time. L’Artisan Mure Et Musc and Tea For Two, Annick Goutal’s Mandragore (even though this line is actually available in B18 ), Odeur 71 and Play from Comme de Garcons along with some other perfumes that I can’t remember the names of which has the coolest packaging ever!

As predicted, I came home empty-handed except for the generous samples the gorgeous SA gave me but I am more than pleased to know that the next time I want to buy a special present for a special person (read : myself!), I know where to go!

Glow Living Beauty is on Ground Level, Plaza Indonesia.

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