Slowing it Down!


Updated August 4, 2008 : As you may have noticed, the forum is growing at a staggering rate and we find it a little bit challenging to keep it where we want it. In a mission to keep things on track with our vision and standard, we are performing some maintenance at the forum; tidy things up and sorting out the members area. All zero post members will be deleted on Sunday, August 31 2008. New member registration is now closed as we are working on a new registration process. In the future, invitation is needed to join the forum, registration is subject to approval to ensure that those who join are truly passionate about fashion, beauty and the industry, either as fashion and/or beauty addicts, die hard consumer, practitioner or insider.

Besides 0 posting, we will also delete those who haven’t been back to the forum for the last 6 months. Email warnings will be sent this week to give them a chance to contribute to the community.

As always, any suggestion is welcome..:)