CHANEL 5018 Half-tinted Sunglasses: Yay or Nay?


 YAY or NAY ? 

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I’m sure most of you have seen these CHANEL shades worn by Nicole Ritchie, Mary Kate Olsen and Pharell all over gossip magazines and online blogs. These sunglasses were first seen on the Spring/Summer runway last year, and created a buzz when several celebs were spotting them around. And this summer, these sunnies are still widely exposed along with *of course* the Ray Ban Wayfarers. I’m not one of those who follows the latest sunglasses trend, I tend to choose the ones compatible with my round face. Although, I admit I lovee to try them on just to fool around, especially trying on the unusual ones with quirky frames and crazy bright neon colors. But, I know some friends who are religiously following the IT shades of the moment. Some managed to pull them off REALLY WELL while others simply look like fashion whores.1-1163823-9205-t.jpg

In this case, last week I finally saw in person a pair of CHANEL 5018. At a first glance, they look weird. They’ve reminded me of the glasses that Simon (from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”) wears. They’re huge and round, the half tinted lenses accentuate more its wackiness. I tried them on just to see how they would frame my oval face and chubby cheeks. Oh boy, how do I look weird ! LOL.. Anyway, if you’re fond of Ray Ban Wayfarer, Jimmy Choo Jerry, Tom Ford Whitney, Dita Fever cat eyes and the likes.., you should definitely visit Flashyshades. The blog provides a complete update of the latest trend in sunglasses. So what do you think of these CHANEL half-tinted shades? YAY or NAY?


CHANEL 5018 S/S 2007, courtesy of Flashy 


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  • rere

    halaahhh Dhysti… keingetan aja ama Alvin :D :D
    Kalo gue yg make pasti beneran kayak korban mode yak….

  • DYS

    heuhe rere.. kilat niy komennya, pdhal gw ms ngedit fotonya haha :D ember gw jg aneh makenya beneran mirip ama yg dipake si simon temen nya alvin ;d

  • cheyqua

    wahahaa kocak abisss.. keren sih.. it’s a yay for me..

  • Cynthia

    yaoloohh, aneh banget. itu gak bikin sakit mata ya? ngaruh gitu apa kalau dipakai? apa bisa setengah gelap setengah terang? harus di test drive dulu niy. jadi penasaran. tapi kalo disuruh beli sendiri def nay for me!

  • candrakirana

    nay. kayak orang pura2 buta (ketauan bo’ongnya). black glasses or clear glasses, putusin mau yang mana. selaen itu terlihat gak nyaman dipake :D

  • miss30

    It’s so absurd!!!!

  • shizuoka

    kl nicole richie yg make ko keren ya…kl olsen’s ga…tp it’s a Yay for me,,,buat lucu2an ok jg…

  • Leela

    yay 4 me…lucu ya, unik!…looks cuten cool on Nicole..luv Nicole…*lho*

  • dyah

    the frame is yay the lense nay

  • ohjude

    lucu sih.. tapi kayak pake eyeliner setebel2 gedoblak hehehehe

  • tinkerbell

    astaga… gue ga bakalan pantes pake frame bulet segede gedebok pisang gitu, let alone the half tinted lens :D so, nay for me :D

  • silvershore

    Kaya poto penjahat di koren jadul yeee, yang matanya ditutup item gitu :D

  • nycbelle

    it’s nay for me..heheh secara muka udh bulet, pake ini tambah bulet kek bola..
    dan designnya itu hmm, kok saya tidak tertarik :D

  • sexy in black

    some fashion item should just stay on the runway, nay for me…. :D

  • domestic_goddess

    hahahhahahaha.. asli lucu banged..!! nayy dehh..
    tapi kok si nicole pas gandengan ma hubbynya jadi keren ya..? kalo yg lainnya make lucu !(as in funny looking not cute)

  • BDJ

    LOVE THESE SUNNIES…yet, would I wear them? Dunno…

  • upi

    aaah..yang satu ini ga deh. Apalagi dah dipake Mary Kate Olsen bolak balik. Hmm.. Nay lah ya…

  • Shibuya_gal

    framenya ok. lensenya big NO..NO..

  • tari

    Nay for me.. will not fit in my flat nose..

  • Jogi’s mum

    lucu sih, but nay for me

  • stella

    yay on the celebs
    nay on me :s

  • ragil

    nayyy.. kaya’ kacamata nenek2 yang plus itu looh.. huehehe

  • WortJe

    it’s a yay for me, nay for the price.. hahahah. *pelit*

  • lalalalone

    ih it’s a yayayay! hahaha asik pasti diliatin orang2! *genit*

  • Alda

    Yay on nicole, an absolute nay on Pharrel. Bahkan, bukan nay lagi, tapi ewh! hehehehe.. on me? a very big nay nay!

  • Vortue

    Kayak dyah,framenya yay tp lensenya nay…abis keliatannya gak nicole ama hubby cakep.gak keliatan begitu aneh.mungkin karna jauh kali ya take nya jadi itemnya gak tebel gt…hehehe

  • Annisa Maulina

    yay for me :D (walau mikir mau dipake kemana ya tu glasses hehe)
    well, its kinda cure actually

  • cynthiadps

    It’s a NAY for me… Mukaku kecil… dari jauh cuma keliatan kacamatanya aja dong?!

  • decquita

    nay’ooo for me….
    but trend is about bein different !

  • Asep

    Yay for me. Lucu dan art.

  • savitri

    uda pastilah yay….. alias jiyay

  • savitri

    uda pastilah nay nay nay……..
    spent lot money for something that make me culun
    nay la yah……..

  • Antonia

    YAY… great glasses!

  • venny

    for fashion people, definitely YAY !!

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