CHANEL 5018 Half-tinted Sunglasses: Yay or Nay?


 YAY or NAY ? 

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I’m sure most of you have seen these CHANEL shades worn by Nicole Ritchie, Mary Kate Olsen and Pharell all over gossip magazines and online blogs. These sunglasses were first seen on the Spring/Summer runway last year, and created a buzz when several celebs were spotting them around. And this summer, these sunnies are still widely exposed along with *of course* the Ray Ban Wayfarers. I’m not one of those who follows the latest sunglasses trend, I tend to choose the ones compatible with my round face. Although, I admit I lovee to try them on just to fool around, especially trying on the unusual ones with quirky frames and crazy bright neon colors. But, I know some friends who are religiously following the IT shades of the moment. Some managed to pull them off REALLY WELL while others simply look like fashion whores.1-1163823-9205-t.jpg

In this case, last week I finally saw in person a pair of CHANEL 5018. At a first glance, they look weird. They’ve reminded me of the glasses that Simon (from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”) wears. They’re huge and round, the half tinted lenses accentuate more its wackiness. I tried them on just to see how they would frame my oval face and chubby cheeks. Oh boy, how do I look weird ! LOL.. Anyway, if you’re fond of Ray Ban Wayfarer, Jimmy Choo Jerry, Tom Ford Whitney, Dita Fever cat eyes and the likes.., you should definitely visit Flashyshades. The blog provides a complete update of the latest trend in sunglasses. So what do you think of these CHANEL half-tinted shades? YAY or NAY?


CHANEL 5018 S/S 2007, courtesy of Flashy 


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