Goodies Under IDR 100K : Lux Body Wash



Bath and body products are my mini indulgence. Using great-smelling, luxurious bath creams or body lotions is a quick way to feel pampered and relaxed and this is especially effective when you don’t always have time to go to a spa or salon. Now admittedly, I sometimes spend more than I should on these goodies. They’re worth it of course, but I realized that when I want to economize, these are one of the very first things that I should cut back on *sniff* Thus my hunt for great and affordable bath and body products began. 


I recently found Lux Kissable You Silk Caress body wash in Sogo supermarket after seeing the ad on a huge billboard in Senayan. I sniffed the bottle and found myself really liking the scent. I brought it home, tried it and was amazed of how luxurious this cream feels on my skin! It is very moisturizing and you can totally smell the macadamia and whipped cream. Unlike most supermarket brands, the scent isn’t cloying or cheap – it’s just a subtle nutty and creamy smell and the smell lasts quite a long time too. I used it to take a shower with before bed and found it to be very relaxing. Lux Kissable You body wash is available in any supermarket for IDR 14 thousand (or less in some places I bet) and also available in 6 other variants – Soft Kiss (strawberry & whipped cream), Velvet Touch (peach & whipped cream), Wake Me Up (mineral salt & seaweed), Power Me Up (tropical fruits & vitamin), Magic Spell (aromatic oils & lotus essence) and White Glamour (AHA, rose oil & white tea). 

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