For those who like to read/collect makeup books, here’s another good one by Andy Lee (a Singapore based makeup artist) titled “Starlicious”. This book is destined for us Asian women, complete with clear illustrations on how to achieve the looks pictured in this book. It has been talked about several times at the FD forum, so here’s a quick review for all of you to enjoy.

The book begins by talking about priming your skin before makeup application, followed by describing the tools used to apply makeup, like which brush is for what and so on. For those who have read a few makeup books before, this section might be a bit boring, coz you do find it in almost every book. But for a novice reader, this section is, indeed, very useful. I know by experience how makeup brushes can be so confusing at first.

The next section then talks about makeup base, which also covers a section about foundation and concealing. According to Andy, this section is very important, as it prepares your skin for makeup application. Sort of ensuring a good canvas before painting. There is an interesting discovery I made here: Andy uses MAC prep-prime eye as a concealer for eye areas, including covering dark circles under the eyes. I thought MAC prep-prime eye is just an eye primer. Well, guess not. You might want to try it too, people.


Asian women are often associated with small monolid eyes, especially those with Chinese heritage (although not exclusively). In this book, Andy includes a section about how to make and apply scotch tape (with clear step by step illustrations), and how to make monolid eyes appealing with the correct eye makeup. A very, very good section, as I have teeny weeny eyes myself.

A total of 12 looks, ranging from daytime to night time looks, are provided in this book, with difficulty level ranging from intermediate to advanced. A clear, step-by-step illustrations, using real model were provided to guide each of you to copy each look, very useful in my opinion.

Sadly, this book is not available in Indonesia. It is only available in selected bookstores in Singapore. Might as well beg FDers in Singapore to do a custom purchase for you if you want one.

Note: this book has a DVD bonus picturing Andy doing the looks contained in the book. A great bonus!

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