Tried & Tested : Totok Wajah

Everytime I heard the word “Totok”, I always think of kung fu films from when I was a kid – where an old, bearded kung fu master performed a series of point-pressure movements to his opponents (or sometimes his naughty apprentices) so they would freeze – in some very comical poses mind you – and unable to move before the master released him.

Now when describing Totok Wajah, the point-pressure movement is accurate but it won’t make your face freeze in the middle of a smile or worse.. a sneeze. Totok Wajah is actually similar to regular facial, but the therapist will apply pressures in certain points in our faces to relax the muscle and promote blood circulation.

I decided to try this increasingly popular treatment a few weeks ago at a salon nearby. First the therapist cleansed my face with their homemade cleansing lotion. She really worked it into my skin, massaging my face slowly and deliberately which made all the week’s stress seem to melt away. Then she slathered some cream on my face and again massaged it really slowly while putting pressures on certain points – forehead, temples, around my eyes, the sides of my mouth, neck etc. There was only one word to describe it : bliss!!

After doing this for approx. 15 minutes she cleaned my face again with a warm towel and applied a homemade facial mask on my now very relaxed face. I chose strawberry mask and it felt cool on my skin and smelled like iced crushed strawberry that I had to really strain myself from taking some of those stuff with my finger and licked them.

When the treatment was done, I was amazed to see that not only I felt relaxed and happy – my skin also felt incredibly smooth and supple and it stayed this way for the whole week! I would definitely try this treatment again especially when my skin has started to show some bad Jakarta wheather after effects namely the dry and oily patches.

Anyway, if you’re keen to try it, Totok Wajah is now on offer in many salons and spas around Jakarta like Bale-Bale SpaDian Kenanga and Itje Her.

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