Comme Des Garçons x Louis Vuitton = Comme Des Vuitton

by Cheyqua


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After collaborating with H&M, finally Rei Kawakubo collaborates with Louis Vuitton for Louis Vuitton at Comme des Garçonsto launch monogram canvas bags with an edgy design à la Comme des Garçons. These limited bags will be sold only for three months starting from September to mid-December 2008.

Comme d’habitude*, Comme des Garçons tries to ’mess up’ with their die-hard fans by selling these limited bags only at the Louis Vuitton at Comme des Garçons store, which will be opened only for three months! And the worse thing is, there won’t be such thing as cash-and-carry to get the limited bag, because you’ll have to order right away at the Louis Vuitton at Comme des Garçons store. They’ll only receive orders on the spot, no telephone nor internet orders will be taken. After that, you’ll have to wait until they inform you to get “one of the six bags designed by Kawakubo in LV monogram pattern” at the chosen Louis Vuitton store (yes, you choose!), after several months of waiting!

So, all the Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garçons freaks, would you sacrifice to get this quirky bag? You still have at least two months to prepare and several months to wait for the delivery ;)


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La Transformation de Louis Vuitton

OK, enough with the whole Louis Vuitton at Comme des Garçons euphoria! I’ve got another Louis Vuitton-related story to share :)

It’s funny to see how Rei Kawakubo’s designs for Louis Vuitton have inspired me to write this. Do you know that long before Suhali or Ursula were invented, Louis Vuitton only created bags for cars (I guess it’s more correct to say trunks instead of bags) or—lets say kereta kencana :p It’s not the trunk we use to pack our clothes while we’re on vacation or something like that, but it’s the trunk they used to pack the cutlery sets or even mechanical tools like obeng and friends. I wonder if mechanics today are using Louis Vuitton trunk to keep their tools too. That’s really fierce!


*Comme d’habitude means “As Always”

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