Skinny Jeans Tucked Into Gladiator Sandals : Yay or Nay?



Lately, I start noticing people especially “young hipster kids” (read: fashion victims ;d ) around New York wearing skinny jeans/leggings tucked into their gladiator sandals. And last weekend when I saw a polling thread on People magazine showing several Hollywood celebs spotting this trend, I thought it would be fun to start a similar poll here on FD.

I would say it’s a cute styling option, just like the way of wearing a pair of ankle or knee-high boots over jeans during winter. But for summer, you’re wearing it with sandals instead. I personally think this particular styling would suit best to those who are blessed with long skinny legs, but it’s all about personal preference.

Gladiator sandals somehow have been around for quite a while, and I guess, they’re still going strong this year, particularly in the spring and summer. Since the strappy and tall versions could be found almost everywhere, I’ve been eyeing the ones that wrapped around the ankle with less straps, kind of similar to the Jeffrey Campbell sandals, as seen on the picture below. But I’m not sure I would wear them over my jeans, they would look horrendous on my short legs! Unless if they’re in heels maybe I would take my chance =) 

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So would you wear it ? Yay or Nay?  

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