Craving For Some Animal Prints

I don’t know what got into me but I’ve been seriously hunting for small pieces in animal prints, particularly leopard prints lately..:D. Notice the keyword here is small, and I wouldn’t be wearing them all at the same time. The image on the right is a leopard watch from Michael Kors that I found on eBay. I put the auction on my watch list but then I completely forgot about it the day the auction ended…:(. I also saw a nice leopard skinny belt on the mannequin of H&M but I was in a hurry to go inside the store and look for it. (note to self: must go to H&M asap!)


Lucky me, just the other day I found the last pair of Isaac Mizrahi (for Target of course) peep toe leopard (or is it giraffe? I think it’s giraffe) shoes.. The pattern looks to be just the one I like, sometimes they have different spots and color, too yellow, too many small spots, etc, but this one is just perfect to me. It was on sale too for $18.88 so it was a rare sight since most of the cheap animal prints just look..well, cheap. I can’t wait to finally step out of the house and conquer the world with these babies..:D.


I’ve been thinking on how to incorporate the shoes into my wardrobe. I’m thinking something like I put in the first picture for office or meeting-with-clients ready outfit. It looks professional yet chic with a crisp white button down shirt and a black pencil skirt. The shoes and the bag give the tough look where the ruffles on the shirt and the watch add a touch of femininity. Pencil skirt equals to sexy with class. For a more casual look, I’m thinking of pairing them with dark denim pants. But of course, first thing first: get rid of this pregnancy weight that seems to be hanging on for dear life.

Wearing animal prints is pretty tricky, you can either look powerful and sophisticated or you can look like a fashion disaster, or penyanyi dangdut (I’m sorry to all of the dangdut singer back home, it’s nothing personal really, you just need to hire a good stylist, that’s all..:D). Come to think of it, a lot of fashion faux-pas moments that we’ve seen in celebrities usually involving animal prints.

I created these outfits in, yesterday was the first time for me playing around with this site, so pardon me if they look too plain, how do other people put so many stuff with different background and pictures there anyway?