83. Inside Jessica’s Bag

Jessica, as in Jessica Huwae, as in the author of Soulmate.com. I’ve read the book when it was just released a couple of years ago and I throughly enjoyed it..:)

The Bag: Unknown. I always fall for oversize bag.
The contents:

  • Water bottle: Prevents me from dehydration.
  • Phone pouch: My mom bought it for me, since I always leave my cells everywhere.
  • Scarf: An addition to my blue boring uniform.
  • Bangles: I love bangles, and somehow I always have a spare of it in my bag.
  • Brown wallet
  • Nokia’s charger
  • Paper clip: I don’t even know why it’s here.
  • Umbrella: Not for a rainy day, I just can’t stand the sun.
  • Blue and red markers: An editor’s must have items.
  • Starbucks agenda: It costs me 21 stamps to have it, before I know that actually they send it for free to all media people. Blah.
  • A book. Brand simple; How the best brands keep it simple and succeed by Allen Adamson: A guy from landor gave me this book.
  • Another book.The foundation of screenwriting by Syd Field: My auntie whom recently just got back from Singapore bought it for me.
  • Post it (s): I don’t go for the standard yellow anymore.
  • A copy of marketing literature: A homework to read from a friend.
  • A cd of a press release.
  • Cosmetic pouch.
  • Almond’s body butter by Body Shop.
  •  A nail nutrition coat by faceshop.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Digital camera Canon ixus (not in picture) : to capture some moments in life.