Tossing it Out!

Ever wonder if the lipstick you’ve been using is going to expire? I’m sure we’ve read it somewhere that unfortunately, cosmetics do get expired, and the lifespan that they have is, again, unfortunately much shorter than we have hoped. The experts say that we need to toss out mascara after 3 months..but is anyone here really following the rule? Changes are, we probably try a new mascara every three months or so, but that doesn’t mean we’re tossing out the old one, we’re just gonna use them interchangeably…:D. T

So obviously, I haven’t been following the rule and just using common sense instead. If it smells funny, or if the texture and the color have changed then it’s time for me to march to Sephora and get a new one. Thank god I haven’t had any infection or breakout due to expired products.

If you have sensitive skin, it’s wise to pay attention to your beauty products. If they don’t have the expiration date anywhere in the packaging, you can make your own label and write down the date when you first open the products. Here’s a guideline I found from Sephora book regarding cosmetics lifespan.

One year

  • Blush. (I still have my Nars ‘Orgasm’ that I bought in 2003..and it would probably take me a year to fill out my MAC pro pan palette blush..I ain’t throwing away the first one I bought after only a year)
  • Eau de Parfum. (I’m not following this one either, I still have some perfumes from my college years and they still retain heir scent)
  • SPF. Sunscreen is good for a year from the day you open it if you keep it away from the sun. Never leave it in the car because the sun-filtering chemicals in the lotion can lose their mojo and become ineffective. (I have to agree with this one, you don’t want to waste time and energy to slather the sunscreen allover your body only to find out that they don’t do help at all).

Six months

  • Facial Moisturizer. Creams that contain antioxidants are very sensitive to light and expire quickly, especially ones with vitamins A, C, and E. Products with acids like glycolic, salicylic, and beta hydroxy will last the longest.
  • Eye makeup. Your eyes are extra prone to backterial infection, so anything touching them – cream and powder shadows, liners – should be tossed after six months. (I have no problem throwing my one dollar Milani pencil eyeliner after six months, but not my MAC Paint Pot..:D, they still look barely used anyway)

Three months

  • Mascara. Since it’s extremely prone to microbial growth (the wand pushes air and bacteria into the tube), you better play it safe! (I guess this is why most people stick with drugstore mascara, or stock them when CVS has buy one get one free offers..:D )
  • Concealer. Depending on its packaging, concealer is usually in contact with the air for long amounts of time. Be sure to wash your hands first if you use your fingers to apply.
  • Liquid foundation. (I’m sticking with mineral foundation then!)

Hoping to stretch out your beauty products just a tad bit longer?.
Here’s some tips:

  • Always use brush, and wash them regularly. If you apply with fingers, always make sure to wash your hands first.
  • Store your beauty products in dark and cool place, away from light and heat.
  • Buy powdery products than creamy ones as they have longer life spans.
  • Don’t share your makeup. (Girls night/day in won’t be fun without rummaging through friends’ traincase)

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