Ready For Extreme Close Up


I’m not the kind of gal (not yet a woman) who takes interest in every make-up that is new in store. My usual routine was moisturizer slash sunscreen, concealer and loose powder. So when Make Up Forever HD series were launched, I thought “Okay, let’s see what that’s about.” I didn’t like foundation because they tend to be cakey. Don’t let me start on two-way cake or pressed kind, I only wear it when I have to – to weddings – and I usually don’t like what I see in the mirror after that. A bit crack here and there and deep lines where my ‘fine’ laughing lines are.

So when I got this nifty sample size of Make Up Forever HD Foundation, I was just a bit curious and decided to try it on for a day. It wasn’t even my correct shade, but I tried it on anyway. I noticed that the liquid glided on easily on my skin. When I looked in the mirror on the day light, it’s not obvious, yet it covered my freckles and spider veins also a bit of my shadow underneath the eyes nicely. I used only a very bit of concealer after that. So this was what they’re talking about: The foundation gives medium coverage, yet it’s so lightweight that you hardly can feel it!

I was checking my self in the mirror for a couple times that day, and I was pleasantly surprised. The foundation really hydrates my dry skin, so it didn’t look flaky, even after day-long air conditioner. It also give my skin a bit sheen, just about right without making it look oily. When I reached to get my compact to powder my nose, and I saw them in the mirror, I thought, “Hey, I don’t really need to powder my nose!” Nice.

So I talked my sister about buying me the full sized bottle for my birthday present, and I never looked back. Next thing would be getting the sponge thingie that they recommended for the applicator. Or maybe the colorless loose powder that they said would give a perfect finish to the foundation. I think it’s not too late to give me birthday present. Anyone?

Make Up Forever HD Complexion

Foundation Rp 375.000
Powder Rp 300.000
Kabuki Brush Rp 490.000
Sponge Rp 135.000