Makeup Inspiration : Evangeline Lilly

56605144.jpgI’m a die-hard Lost fan. I don’t care if some people think the story is getting more and more confusing and far-fetched. I am gonna keep watching until I find out who Jacob is and how those Oceanic Six managed to get off the island!

Anyway, one of my favorite gal character from the show is Evangeline Lilly. She is a stunner with her tanned complexion, beachy hair and amazing figure. I totally have a girl crush on her and she was also the reason I used to wear bronzers everyday for a few months – until I moved on to my next obsession.

So I came across this photo of hers from this year’s Golden Globe red carpet and I am so loving this look! She managed to spark up the safe bronze eyes-meet-peachy-cheeks with a touch of emerald green liner on the bottom lash lines that matches her earrings and dress. Oh and those dazzlingly shimmery lips? Gorgeous!

There are many products you can use to achieve this look of course, but on top of my head are : MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow, Technakohl liner in Jade Way, Stila Convertible Color in Petunia and Tarte lipgloss in Elle & Emmet.

I am so doing this tomorrow!