Thinking of Replacing Your UDPP?


So I am living in The Netherlands and was in Germany before, but hunted Urban Decay Primer Potion crazily which was unfortunately nowhere to be seen in these two countries. Then I asked Ms. Uberboston a favor to purchase (CP, as the Marketplaza regulars like to call it) the UDPP from US after reading so many excellent reviews. I was happy when I tried it because it lives up to its expectation, it’s great, very reliable, no creasing, it gives bolder color and give my eyeshadow a long lasting power. It just that the price is a bit too pricey for its small size, and the packaging is no help in reaching every bit of UDPP inside (unless you chop the tube in half). So I’m still searching for a cheaper alternative.

Until one day, Hanzky told me about this Artdeco eyeshadow base which is a German-origin product and available in almost European countries. I rushed to some famous online beauty forums, and figured out that it has excellent reviews and is approved by make up junkies all around the world. So I tried to recall where have I seen this product, because if I’m not mistaken I spotted it once nearby… but I can’t remember where.

Last week I went to Germany for some family gatherings. I kept on nagging at my boyfriend to grab Starbucks and visit a beauty store in the closest big city. So I wandered around the city and finally got it!!!. It comes in a jar, so you don’t need to chop it in half to get all of the contents. I think the quantity is a bit more than you can get from UDPP. What about quality? Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. This eyeshadow base is no joke. Just one swipe of eyeshadow and the color popped up immediately. I swiped it on my eyes at two o’clock in the afternoon and guess what happened at midnight? The eyeshadows stay there like nothing happened, as if I’ve just applied it five minutes ago while actually I’ve spent the whole day outside, under a strong summer heat. The price? It cost me €7 or about Rp.110.000, far way cheaper than UDPP.

Here’s a swatch for comparison on how the colors turned out with no base, UDPP and Artdeco in lighter and darker room