79. Inside Lygia’s Bag


The Bag: Vintage Bag Modello Kelly Bag with 4 partition inside. Dunno the brand since I bought it from Annual Vintage Market here in town. But it’s made from real leather.

The contents:

  • Rocco Barocco viola wallet. Quite new, I bought it 2 months ago from Mantova Outlet Village. I bought it firstly because I like the color, second because it’s small on the outside but ”large” on the inside.
  • Keys. All keys to my life is hangin’ there :-) From car key to key for unlock my bike.
  • Lipsticks. 2 lipsticks 2 different color for night and day. Guerlain color pink and Oriflame color flame red.
  • A pen. Always need a pen in every occassion especially when you met a cute guy to give your phone number visibly written on the palm of his hand :-) Therefore I always have my Parker inside.
  • Identity card. A must, along with Driving License. In case I get lost or somebody kidnaps me :-P
  • Papers. There are various kind of papers inside my bag from electrical bill to pancakes recipe. This is why I like this bag coz it has different sack to put different kind of papers.
  • Last, MP3 + USB key. I need it since I can’t live without my favourite music when I’m driving. Anyway, this key is not only contain music but also some working files.

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