Jeff Koons on the Roof


As promised, here’s the other exhibition that I mentioned on my last post at the Met museum. It’s an eye-catching installation of Jeff Koons, which probably doesn’t seem to be related to fashion nor beauty. But, since his works are mostly inspired from consumerism and materialism where fashion and beauty also belong to ;d … so I figure they do share a connection! After all, art, beauty and fashion are somewhat inspired and influenced one another  =) 

Koons (born 1955) is an American artist whose art is inspired by everyday world surrounding him, from ads, vacuum cleaners, cartoon characters, collectibles and plastic toys. Quoting from the Met website, “Koons’s works explore contemporary obsessions with sexuality and desire, race and gender, celebrity, commerce and the media. His choice of objects and images forcefully addresses the impact of class, power, materialism, and consumerism in today’s contemporary lifeHis works are influenced by Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades.” I was blown away by his sculptures, some of them look like soft air balloons, but instead, they were real hard metal sculptures! The curves and pleats on the Sacred Heart (the red heart-shaped gift) are totally flawless and definitely breathtaking! Learn more about Jeff Koons on the Roof here and click below to see more pictures of this installation. 

Jeff Koons on the Roof, April 22 – October 26, 2008, at the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 

Source: Photos by ZA.


Balloon Dog (Yellow) (1994–2000) : High chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating, the Steven and Alexandra Cohen collection


 Sacred Heart (Red/Gold) (1994-2007): High  chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating, the Steven and Alexandra Cohen collection


Coloring Book (1997-2005) : High cronium stainless stell with transparent color coating, Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la création


Source: Photos by ZA.