Keffiyeh Now and Then


Looking back at the last season, we know that keffiyeh or kaffiyah was a hit for a couple of winter. If you are a regular visitor of “Today’s Outfit” thread, you should have known that keffiyeh is the signature style of one infamous FD-member, Purplerebel. Keffiyeh commonly used in the Middle East as a protector from sun exposure, as well as to avoid dust or sand that’s blown away directly to face. However, some people narrowly relate keffiyeh with political issue, while the rest (including me) found it like another interesting accessory, which came in black-white or red-white checkered print.

Keffiyeh became very popular in the fashion industry on 1980s, when bohemian girls with dangling earrings started to accessorized keffiyeh around their necks. A few years ago, keffiyeh turned again to be a hit in Tokyo, one of world’s biggest fashion districts. They often paired the scarf with camouflage clothing, to create a stylish army look. The trend recurred 2 years ago in US, Europe, Canada and Australia. At that time, keffiyeh was worn in a hipster way, a bit loose on the neckline. Nowadays, keffiyeh is also worn with dresses, leather jacket, hot pants or whatever you want it to be paired-up with. In order to adapt with the growing hype, people in fashion industry started to produce keffiyeh in a range of new colors. Now, you can spend more time to choose your favorite one, especially when it is available in hot colors like purple, red, shocking pink, blue, etc.


Picture courtesy of Copenhagen Street Style

Currently, bright colors and floral prints flooded in the spring collections. If you visit your nearest street-label stores, you might find like what I found recently; a floral prints keffiyeh. Yes. I found it in the accessories section of one H&M store. It came to my attention because the appearance is really unique and different from the usual checker prints one. I guess I will give this floral prints keffiyeh a try! Let me know what you think. Is it a YAY or a NAY?

*image courtesy H&M