Girls’ Toys..

girltoys.jpgWe never get enough of beauty stuffs. Rite? Tons of mascaras, lipsticks, brushes, shadows…. Did you notice that we didn’t even wear them all. Did you notice that we can even live without that junks? Well, usually we use powder, lipstick and coat of mascara. The natural girls maybe use only lip balm, whether tint or just bare. Still, we love that things. We tempted by the display at the stores, the campaigns that make us drooling, the cute-girly-cool packaging. The trends, the theme of the seasons, whatever you name it. No wonder Bazaar, Allure or Instyle Magazine always launch Best Beauty Buys editions annually.

Do you realize that we have 2-3 same brown neutral eyeshadow? From MAC, Shu Uemura or Body Shop? Or 3 black mascaras? One for lengthen, for volume and for both jobs? How about lipstick? Pink, fuchsia, beige, red alert??!! Hei… make up is like clothes for us. And men are never understand. They will never understand, but they force us to always look prime, stand out. We have to look beautiful, clean, smell good, with or without make up. They don’t care about the process, they just want quick, instant beauty. Nope, I don’t talk about surgeon here. This is about our toys. They just don’t want to wait for us applying base, foundation, powder. Gosh… we need more time.

Above all, we should never forget the treatment for all stuffs. Not just our face itself. We should remember that we have to clean brushes and sponge every week, check the expiration date (nowadays, good quality beauty tools come with 6, 12, or 24 months label underneath) so remind us when to ditch those things.

Today, when going green become lifestyle, beauty products also come in environment friendly. Check L’occitane or Stella cosmetic range for organic products. Browse to or if you love green scene.

So, if we have tons of make up, just use it right, clean and smart. Next time, try for organic cosmetics. Maybe that suit for you….Still, men will not understand…