Betty color for the Hair Down There!


Don’t be fooled with the title, it’s nothing about Ugly Betty or Betty La Fea. I found this Betty ad on the Metro news that I religiously read on my morning commute. Betty is a hair color product especially designed to color the hair around your intimate area. Suprisingly enough one of my coworker got a sample of BROWN Betty and I got a quick glimpse of it. Being one who has never contributed to any beauty stuff on FD, I think Betty is something really fun to share with every girls =)

Betty has been around for a while since 2006 *telat niy eke and was created by Nancy Jerecki. While she was in Rome, she saw a hair colorist handing a little paper bag to his clients which turned out to be a hair coloring for the pubic area just to match with the hair color on their head. Out of her curiosity, she consulted her gynecologist friend back in New York and found out that most Caucasian women don’t have a matching hair color with the hair in their private part.

If you love to experiment and a devoted bikini wax regular, Betty would definitely be fun to try. Unlike most Caucasian women who have a variety of hair colors (red, brown, blonde etc), most of us (Indonesian or Asian women) would probably stick to Black or Brown Betty, unless you’ve dyed or bleached your hair to a lighter tone. It also comes in some funky shade, like hot pink, especially for all  adventurous woman out there =) I confess I used to be addicted to bleach my hair down there with Jolen after I got them trim really really short huehue ;d *totally not recommended tho’ walau ga gatel dan perih lhoo apalagi kalo diolesin olive oil/essential oil dulu ;D emang nekat aja pengenn pirang di bawah haha ;D.. If you’ve started to see some gray hair in your V area, Betty could also cover them in a flash_ I never thought that our hair in that part could also turn gray ;P ternyata bisa ubanan jg toh LOL


Besides hair coloring, Betty has some cute charm stencils to shape the hair in your private area to your desired shape! (Bow shape, Lip, Thunder shape, etc..;p) To those who usually have a FULL Brazilian wax which removes almost everything, maybe you should consider to grow it a bit if you want to try these stencils ;d

And for those who are not really into this Betty thing, well, it’s definitely a cute gift for a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette =)

For more info about Betty, read it here.

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