Madonna: She’s Still Here


I love Madonna. Her songs are infinitely on my laptop iTunes and my old 2nd generation iPod. I’m forever striving to get her soft wavy look (never achieve that). I constantly bug my friends all the time that if they ever hear about Madonna concert tickets on sale, they must let me know by text, email and phone call. I literally ran to the dance floor in my high heels (and almost made my best friend spilled her drink on her new dress) the split second I hear the intro to Like A Prayer. I might not love everything about her, but I LOVE her nonetheless.

Madonna graced the cover of the American Elle and Vanity Fair in April, celebrating her new upcoming album Hard Candy which will be released in the United States on April 28th 2008. Both magazines with Madonna on the cover, interestingly enough, are in their “Green” issue.

What do you remember of Madonna? The conical bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier that she wore in her Blond Ambition tour in 1990? The “grunge” Madonna in her earliest years? The controversial book titled “S E X” that she wrote? The “Zen” Madonna in her Ray of Light video clips? Or the ménage-a-trois kiss she shared with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during MTV Video Music Awards in 2003, that is still often dubbed as publicity stunt in the media.

At an age nearing half a century, Madonna hasn’t been putting a brake on the reinventing-herself wheel. Always has been the one who is not afraid to go against the stream, she has now turned the table from being the target of fashion police to the becoming the idol from woman in their 20’s (for her currently-impeccable style) to the woman in 50’s (for her killer figure).

There is nothing stereotypical look of the woman who will be celebrating her 50th year on August 16th this year. She has gone from “trashy” look to “First Lady” look (think Evita movie). From elegant look (with her brunette-hair era) to “all-American look”, it’s no surprise if there is a love-and-hate relationship between you and her edgy looks. I am never too crazy about her choice of “trashy” look, and some of the too techno-esque songs. But she’s back, with something that not every 50-year-old could pull off, yet she proves that age means nothing but a number (well, who can blame the millionaire who can do 5-hour Yoga session every day and afford full-time nutritionist?).

If I could “build” my own Madonna, I would combine her Die Another Day look with Like A Prayer album. That, would be my perfect Madonna, just because I thought her softer-yet-edgy look in the movie would go well with the sultry, mellower songs in the 1989 album. And oh, I think she would be a perfect spokesperson for MAC Viva Glam (please take note, even if the Madonna’s Viva Glam would include a blue lipstick, I’d buy it, just for the sake of it).

In any case, if you’re one of her fans, don’t forget to check the magazines (for instance, Vanity Fair has a lot of uber-gorgeous shoots. I’m guessing the famous Gaultier corset was somewhat channeled in many of the pictures), her new album Hard Candy, and of course, her stunning outfits in the tabloids, because Madonna is still, and will always be, herself: no-substitute. And she’s definitely here to stay.

Pictures courtesy of Elle magazine and Vanity Fair magazine.