Fashionese Daily “Kelas Dandan”: The Basics


A long overdue article, we apologize for delay of the recap of our beloved FD’s “Kelas Dandan” session. But rest assured, the article is finally here!

What is the first thing comes across to your mind when you heard about make up? Girly? Artificial? Too much hassle? Or, traumatic, may be?

It might happen to some people, but definitely not to the 30 lovely ladies who joined FD Beauty classes that were held on December last year and early January this year. We all agreed that those classed were superb. And, we all agreed that make up is more than fun!

The classes were divided in three parts: “Beginner Class”, “Intermediate Class” and “Tips & Trick Sharing from FDers’ very own beauty residents” . The classes were held on 22 and 23 December 2007 and 5 January 2008 respectively. The first two classes were taught by Darywn Tse, a well known makeup artist. The last class was led by a group of FD beauty experts (or you can call them “de bancies” *wink!*), member dunia_dandan, nopai, DesZeLL and vveen.

FD invites professional instructor who was a real expert in make up, who we all love by heart for the Beginner and Intermediate Classes. He never stopped saying that there are no rules when it comes to make up, because make up is about feeling good, not looking good. And we can’t be more than agree, can we?

Ever felt miserable about your very-limited-beauty products? Needless to worry because, as our lovely instructor said, we can get away from it by maximizing the use of every product that we already have! And he did show us how!

The class materials were split into two levels, Beginner and Advanced. The first class focus on skin preparation and basic make up for daily wear, while the second class emphasize more on make up technique such as contouring and highlighting, how to create the infamous smokey eyes, and dramatic fake false eyelashes (“falsies”) use, etc.

Kelas_Dandan_Dec23We want to say thanks to Koukla and Hanzky who had made these classes possible. We think these classes are indeed a very genius idea, and even more than that, FD Beauty class is one of the best highlight of the year. It was not only about make up tricks or the latest technique that we have found useful and applicable, but the FD friendly atmosphere between the members has even made the class better.

Even more than that, this event has given birth to a bunch of new make up addicts, everyone with their own unique style and of course with so many things to share and learn between us. It is always exciting to see new faces on our FOTD or EOTD threads, we’re all happy to see more people enjoy the fun of wearing make up. Just like us. Isn’t that fascinating?

Fashionese Daily would like to mention a special thanks to mskellybag for Natur Gondowangi goody bag and the event sponsorship providing us the venue and yummy refreshments, as well as to ciel for the generous sample of Ciel Minerals products. And oh, not to forget silvershore_lake for her cooler box full of ice-cold Teh Botol, as well as those who have helped arranging lunch.

Is there anything more exciting than receiving a nice package full of free stuff following whole new beauty make over?

A. Basic sequence of preparing your skin:

1. Skin preparation

Make sure your skin has already been moisturized before you apply your make up and give it some time to allow your skin to absorb it. Alternatively, spray your face with Charged Water to keep your skin moisturized.

2. Primer

Beforehand, make sure that you have the right foundation shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. Liquid foundation is best applied with synthetic brush (see brush reference). Start applying from the center of your face and under the eyes. Cover the whole face lightly and then buff your face with a powder brush in circular motion to get rid of the excess foundation. This will give you radiant and flawless complexion.

Note: Foundation isn’t needed on the neck area. A right foundation shade should also match your neck skin area.

4. Concealer

Apply concealer wherever needed. Otherwise, just skip it.

5. Powder

It is a necessity in order to set your foundation and concealer. It also gives you a matte finish, depending on the type of the powder

B. Basic sequence on applying your make up:

6. Eye Shadow Base/Primer

It gives you everything you expect from your eye make up: eye shadow that lasts all day without creasing! It also helps to even out your eye skin area and gives you vibrant eye shadow color. Dab lightly on your whole eyelid up to the browbone.

7. Eye Shadow

Pick your eye color with a fluffy and round eye shadow brush that is made of natural fiber. Lay your brush flat on the product and dab it lightly on you lid. Then, gently blend it with a fluffy blending brush.

Must-have eyeshadow shade: MAC Brulee or Vanilla for highlighting, and MAC Carbon to create smokey eyes.

8. Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be tricky for beginner, but once you’re good at it, you won’t step out from your room before you make sure you’ve already had one. Eyeliner gives you a dramatic effect, giving a fuller eyelashes effect if you wish to keep it natural or even help to fix your eye shape. So, you’d better get practice!

9. Eyebrow

Eyebrow is another important thing you should maintain. Yes, not everybody has a full and beautiful shape set of eyebrow, but thanks to eyebrow pencil and brow shader, now we all can have a good pair of them. Otherwise, maintain your eyebrow by waxing and threading to keep your eyebrow neat and tidy. For a good pair of beautiful set of eyebrow, it’s worth the pain.

10. Eyelashes

Apply your mascara by doing zig zag movement from the root upward. Make sure you curl your lashes first about 2-3 times. This movement helps you to control your mascara better and to prevent it from being clumpy. For the last touch, do curl your eyelashes by holding your mascara wand just like when you hold your hair brush. Put the wand under your eyelashes; twist your wrist upward like you’re holding a curling iron. This will give you a nice and curl eyelashes that last.

11. Blush

Dab your brush gently, tap the excess off, and buff the color starting from your hairline to the apple of your cheek. Apply the product gradually in order to build up the color intensity as you go. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a clown face.

12. Lipstick

Apply your lipstick using a brush for better control and precision. Another trick is to use your concealer brush to apply the lipstick. The larger brush will cover more area of your lips for faster application.

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Kelas_Dandan_Brushes_samplingC. BRUSH recommendation:

For Face:

  • MAC 190 for applying liquid foundie
  • MAC 168 for highlighter
  • MAC 181 for almost ANYTHING!
  • MAC 194 for concealer but also great for applying lipstick
  • MAC 224 and 219 are excellent brushes for blending concealer into foundation
  • MAC 227 for contouring the nose part
  • MAC 109 is also multi use, but Limited Edition!
  • MAC 116 is round and fluffy, excellent for applying blush
  • MAC 129 is big, full and fluffy brush, perfect for dusting powder
  • MAC 184 duo-fibre brush is also a good brush to apply your blush<!–[endif]–>

For Eyes:

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  • <!–[if !supportLists]–>MAC 224, as mentioned above, for blending under eye concealer
  • <!–[if !supportLists]–> <!–[endif]–>MAC 209 and 266 for eyeliner
  • <!–[if !supportLists]–>MAC 268 for eyebrows
  • <!–[if !supportLists]–><!–[endif]–>MAC 213 is great for applying eyeshadow
  • <!–[if !supportLists]–>MAC 219 to smudge your eyeliner
  • <!–[if !supportLists]–>MAC 259 for applying any cream based product
  • <!–[if !supportLists]–> <!–[endif]–>MAC 205 to separate your lashes after applying mascara.
  • <!–[if !supportLists]–>MAC 219 for blending eyeliner into eyeshadow to create smokey look

To close, this recap only intends to give a quick reference for those who attended Kelas Dandan, and those who would like to have a “cheat sheet” on which product does what. The real essence of the class were the live instruction and hands-on practice and we still think that there is still no substitute for both.

We hope you enjoyed coming to FD’s Kelas Dandan and find this article useful in refreshing your memory. We definitely hope that there will be another Kelas Dandan session in the future so that more FDer could reap the benefits of going to a real make-up class. Toodles, ladies!

Kelas Dandan pictures courtesy of mskellybag. Brushes pictures courtesy of MAC Website