74. Inside Sherley’s Bag

The Bag: LV Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Speedy 30 (a honeymoon gift from hubby :) since we bought it in Hong Kong when we went for our honeymoon. As always, Hong Kong is the best shopping destination for cheaper LV goods.

The Contents:

  • My Precious phones – have always been a fan of Mobile phones. Nokia E61i for my daily work calls and stores files in and Nokia 6300 for my XL number since they offer the cheapest call rate @ the moment, saves me heaps on my Indosat Matrix bills.
  • Credit card bills…. Arrghhhh!!! It’s that time of the month again to pay for all those stuff I bought hahahaha
  • Hair clips ; used this a lot when my hair was long, just got a haircut 2 days ago so the clip is still there.
  • Ciggies – Marlboro belonging to me and Sampoerna belonging to the hubby
  • Gucci wallet — insides : the usual — ATM cards, credit cards, shop discount cards, some money, my name cards, other people’s name cards, Driver’s license, KTP and so on
  • Band aid.. you never know when you will need them since I wear high heels a lot and some of the new ones can really hurt when used the first time
  • Gucci make up case containing as shown :

– Small takeaway perfume by Paris Hilton — very handy to bring
– Medicines on the go– as u can see — bodrex for headache and fever, Polycrol for my gastric pains – – Lipgloss by MAC – for daily re-apply when out of house
– Bronzer by bodyshop- my aunt actually got me hooked on this thing
– “Almost finished” Shu Uemura blush
– Blush brush which I got from some shop in Singapore, can’t remember what it is
– My trusted Nivea lipbalm — cherry colour- gives you a hint of that reddish colour which suits just about anybody
– Contact lens eye drops — very important especially when I am outside
– No brand eyebrow pencil,can just get this anywhere and it’s not only cheap but it’s very good as well
– Another lipgloss in a heartshaped container, got it in NYC– they’ve got amazing makeup shops with little cute things

  • My M&M pen I got from the M&M shop in NYC as well, for the occasional times when I have to jot down something
  • Key BCA — ahhh.. the most important item to do my online banking
  • House keys, office keys using 1 keyring I got from Nine West in Sydney. It just takes and takes lots of keys in there.
  • GULAS candies. Still got a few left in there, very refreshing to have after my usual ciggie
  • Black little bag for my pink Sony camera DSC-T70 which I happen to be using to take the picture
  • Finally — the usual things women always have to have in their bag — tissues, wet tissues and facial blotters.

Final conclusion — This bag sure does have a lot of space in it

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