©Murakami @ the Brooklyn Museum


As most of you have already heard, Brooklyn museum is currently exhibiting Takashi Murakami‘s works between 1991 and 2000, when the artist began exploring “his own reality through an investigation of branding and identity”. The exhibition opened about two weeks ago in Brooklyn New York, after completing its previous showcase in Los Angeles. Popularly known as the Japanese Warhol, Murakami has earned an international reputation for merging fine art with popular Japanese anime films and manga cartoons. The show, entitled “©Murakami”, includes a fully operational Louis Vuitton store selling some of his monogram multicolor designs for the luxury fashion brand. Monogramouflage“, a new pattern created by Murakami for Vuitton (hit stores in June), is currently available only at the Brooklyn Museum. Trying to bring awareness about the counterfeit giant ring, LV set up ten Canal Street* style vendors outside the museum on its first opening night, not to sell fakes but authentic Louis Vuitton products including the Monogramouflage line. *Canal Street is New York’s famous Chinatown where fake designer products are usually sold, semacam Mangga Dua-nya NY.


Marc Jacobs and model Eva Herzigova in front of LV street-style store, courtesy of nytimes.com. Click here to view more pictures of its opening night.


I’m not a big fan of LV Murakami, especially after seeing Jessica Simpson toting one around, but I do admire his works (especially his anime/manga characters!). I saw his last exhibition in New York at the Rockefeller center a couple of years ago and was totally impressed by his arts, so definitely I wouldn’t miss the one in Brooklyn. I tried to avoid the first opening week since it would be overcrowded, and chose to go there last Sunday after a quick brunch. Although we weren’t allowed to take any pictures, demi FD tersayang, I kept on pushing my hubby to take the risk and he managed to get some for us hehe.. ;D


Louis Vuitton store inside the Murakami exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum

The exhibition is mostly showing Murakami’s contemporary works using Superflat method, a term that Murakami created as his own manifesto on the way various forms of graphic design, pop culture, and fine arts are compressed or flattened. He first used it to name an exhibition which he organized in Tokyo and Nagoya (artnet.com). Most of his paintings are two-dimensional without any shades and shadows, clearly emphasizing his Superflat genre. A hint of Andy Warhol‘s pop art influence was also seen on his paintings. Some of his characters, portrayed into sculpture figurines, seem to be coming out of another world, while some others simply reminded me of Hentai ;D My favorite is Inochi, Murakami’s innovative creature, an alien boy sculpture that stands about 5 feet, and his short videos showing Inochi in various scenes in a Japanese classroom. Watch the video here.


Inochi, my favorite of all Murakami’s characters

Since the LV Murakami collection is way out of my budget, my visit wouldn’t be complete without visiting the museum gift store. Some of his artwork paintings in the gift store were all sold out. People seem to be eyeing for his stuffed animals/characters, pins, t-shirts, eco bag and books. As for myself, I got a cute Murakami printed scarf and a couple of badge pins =)

Below are some pictures from the exhibition, please click on THUMBNAILS ! *Maaf ya kalo rada miring-miring fotonya, karena motretnya aja ngumpet-ngumpet dan satpam nya mayan galak ;D




Last pic, Murakami’s shopping bag next to the Egyptian monk was not inside the Murakami’s exhibition, but around the Egyptian exhibition in the same museum.

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©Murakami at the Brooklyn museum, April 5th – July 13th 2008, for more info click here. For more pictures, click here.