Wild & More; Another Baby in My Makeup Case!

A Few days ago, I went to the city center to buy dried food for Bobul (my beloved rabbit). The pet shop is located above a drugstore which I, like it or not, have to pass by. But I bet you know what exactly happened, I immediately went to D&A (the drugstore name) and rushed on to the beauty counter! :D I spotted this colorful display of make-up stuff, called Wild & More

They have eye shadows, lip products and nail polish. At first I didn’t really expect so much for these products, since the price is only €2,50 for each one of them. Then I tried one of the eye shadows on my hands.. But hey! It is really pigmented! Of course, I tried more and more colors. The result is very satisfying.. Great colors that seems to be long lasting and a price that won’t break my piggybank! (Yes! It is only €2,50!). I also noticed that the size fits well into with MAC Pro eye shadow palette.

It’s a pity that they don’t sell any blush-on, I’m sure they could’ve made a good one. One turn-off is the packaging looks a bit cheap, but of course you can’t have it all with €2,50. The bright colors are really great, too bad they lack darker colors. I wish that they have more of them.

I bought 3 pressed eye shadows and one loose eye shadow. I rushed into my room, depot the pressed eye shadow and put it into my MAC Pro palette. After a short euphoric, I just remember that I forgot to buy Bobul’s food..:D

Some swatches..