+ Style and Beauty with Attitude +

This is it ladies, the new FD tagline. If you’re wondering who won of the tagline contest…unfortunately, there’s no winner. We promise that this would be the only contest when no winner is chosen..:). Thank you for everyone who participated. Even though we didn’t pick one particular submission, all of your entries helped us tremendously in sorting and shaping what we envision for our tagline. During the early stage of Fashionese Daily, we didn’t think about any of these, we just wanted to set loose and see how things flow. Right now, we have a vision and mission and therefore this tagline is an integrated part of this aspect.

We decided not to go with the word fashion, because the word fashion is already embedded in the domain name. We used the word “style” and “beauty” to the mix because they represent the true sense of this community. These are the things that we’d like to emphasize more in the long run.

The word “with attitude” comes with a reason. It simply means that our attitude is what set us apart from other Fashion/Lifestyle portal or magazine. First of all, we do not claim to be experts when it comes to style and beauty. We believe that there’s no right or wrong when it comes to style. It’s all personal preference and we don’t intend to dictate you what to wear, what products to use, but we are very passionate about these two things and we wanted to share our findings and our experiences here. Second of all, we (and the rest of the girls in our forum) give a realistic approach to fashion and beauty. Most of the stuff shown is here belong to ours, not stuff that are borrowed from boutiques and we’ve tried the products ourselves so we can give you honest reviews, not just rewriting whatever the products claimed to be. Our informal style of writing (with the occasional grammatical error..:p) is part of the attitude that makes us “us”. We also want to stay true to ourselves, not afraid to have an opinion and will never compromise our integrity to make certain people happy. It’s a never-ending quest, but it’s certainly one we’re happy to take on..:)

So once again, thank you for participating, hope you like the new tagline, and the new ribbon-style tagline on the header, courtesy of Lusita Bonita…=))