Introducing New Products to Your Skin

When we want to try new products, it is tempting to buy the whole set and start to use them at the same time. This practice is actually not recommended, it’s always better to introduce a new product one at a time and give it a few days before you start another product. This way, you give your skin time to adjust and get used to the product, and if breakouts, rashes, redness or itchiness occur, you can easily pinpoint the product/ingredient that causes the irritation. If you start the whole set at a same time and breakouts occur, you would just assume that your skin doesn’t tolerate that particular brand while it’s probably only the toner, or the cleanser that your skin is sensitive to. But since you can’t find out which one that gives you the irritation, you would just throw everything away and move on to another brand. Not only you have wasted the money, you have probably missed out on a great moisturizer or a night cream from that set that could be your holy grail.