MAC Heatherette Collection

MAC just launched its newest collection, called Heatherette a few days ago. The bright pink packaging surely caught everyone’s attention. The eyeshadow and lip colors are perfect for spring. I have been looking for a perfect pink lipstick, but too bad the two pinks that they have is either too fuchsia or too pale, so I didn’t get anything from the collection. Click here to see the complete collection.

By the way, in case you’re wondering who or what Heatherette is. It is actually a label from New York run by Traver Rains and Richie Rich. They are originally famous for their shirts, leather jackets and pants Their signature design is just like the packaging of the MAC Heatherette collection; fun, funky with bright colors and details like glitter, sequins and anything that scream ‘look at me’. Not really my taste, but it’s refreshing to see their crazy attitudes that don’t seem to take fashion too seriously.

Yesterday, Utie and I went for a quick makeover at MAC freestanding store in Galleria. She had a Heatherette collection makeover which turned out really good!!. The application is light but it gives enough coverage and what it seemed like a natural glow. The eyeshadow color makes her eyes pop, and the way it was applied makes it look effortless, like it was just a quick swipe here and there.

Product used from the collection: Eyeshadow Trio 1, Smooth Harmony Beauty Power Blush, Lollipop Loving Lipstick, Bonus Beat Lipglass.

Too bad my makeover was a far cry from success, I know I am no expert when it comes to make up application, I still have a lot to learn, but this has convinced me that in make up, it’s all about having fun and feeling good. It doesn’t matter what tools, what brands of make up and what technique you’re using as long as you like what you see in the mirror. If it doesn’t make you happy and feel pretty than it has defeated its purpose.

So, what are you going to buy from the collection?..If you want to know more, we have a thread in the forum dedicated for this collection here