Reminder; Hey you, this Tote’s For you!!

About this time a year ago, we bought the FashioneseDaily domain and started blogging here after retiring our old domain, the As a thank you to our faithful readers and to celebrate our first anniversary, we’d like to give away this limited edition Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote bag. This sought after bag is sold out at all Marc Jacobs boutique!. The bag is made out of sturdy canvas, it’s huge, it’s perfect for your everyday bag so you can fit all of your life contents in it, including the kitchen sink if you want..:D

But we are making you work for it. All you need to do is login to the forum, go to this thread..and answer the following question..

“If you can only have one bag, what would be it and why?” Don’t forget to attach the picture for our viewing pleasure!

The winner will be selected randomly and the contest will be opened until March 12 2008.

By the way, we haven’t announced the winner of the previous tagline contest since we have not made up our mind yet *I indecisive..:D*. But don’t worry we are still considering the taglines and will let you know asap!