67. Inside Lovemybags’ Bag

The bag: Chanel original Coco Cabas in caviar leather :p.

The contents: It can fit my whole life LOL but this is what inside when I don’t have to go to work.

  •  Caviar leather Chanel wallet
  • Navy Blue Balenciaga coin purse to put the only make up I ever use
    – Anna Sui compact powder
    – Anna Sui blush on
    – Anna Sui lip gloss
    – Anna Sui compact lipstick
    – Paul & Joe lipstick brush
  • Turquoise Balenciaga mini coin purse to put coins
  • Pistachio Balenciaga mini coin purse to put my cell phone
  • iPod in white leather case
  • LV panda medium organizer
  • YSL cigarette case and lighter
  • Novel by Roald Dahl,  Skin
  • Sudoku puzzle and pen

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