64. Inside Hemlis’ Bag



The bag: LV multiplicité monogram canvas
(So abusive, me on this bag. Look at its shape that has lost its dignity. So loving its roominess and all those pockets!)

The contents:

  • Stila créme bouquet edt – sweet smelling fragrance that goes well to layer for emergencies
  • Car key with furla key ring – driver’s gone mudik, have to drive myself these days
  • Emergency “beauty” kit: Clinique superbalm, MAC lipglass, hairclip and band (I leave my makeup pouch in the car)
  • Toshiba thumbdrive – for transfering files, etc
  • iPod touch 16 gb in Sonyericsson p1 pouch – still haven’t found a proper case for my new iPod
  • Eonyericsson P1i mobile – for calls, emails, calendars (I feel like an odd in Jakarta for carrying only one mobile phone, but well …)
  • Mikli by Alain Mikli reading glasses – yes, my friends, been needing those since early 20’s
  • Small red leatherbound notebook from Armani Casa – Does Armani still make this stuff? got a few from Harrod’s sale a couple of years ago
  • Montblanc bohème bleu ballpoint and its case – got this one engraved with my name, as own birthday gift many years back (tell me about loving oneself too much!)
  • Kate Spade green leather pencil case – use it as case for my marlboros and lighter (not shown, don’t want to encourage, it’s a bad habit!)
  • Red Gucci card holder – to hold not my business cards, but many member cards of this and that shops
  • Black Lanvin men’s wallet – actually, the first branded stuff I bought with own money ages ago when I was a trainee in Paris

To tell you the truth, there are other stuff (read: junks) in my bag that are not worthy to be shown, such as this month’s salary slip that I still carry to cry over the tax money the silly government is charging the poor me! huhuhu!

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