Indonesian Designers @ Hong Kong F/W 08 Fashion Week

Khusus untuk Fashionese Daily, saya kirim oleh-oleh dari Hong Kong. Seminggu saya berada di Hong Kong untuk melihat beberapa acara dan World Boutique 2008 pada Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2008 pada tgl 14-17 Jan 2008. Sulit untuk menuliskan semua yang saya saksikan disana tapi sangat menggembirakan kiprah para designer Indonesia yang berpartisipasi seperti Ika Butoni, Ali Charisma, Oka Diputra dan Florence Liem, baik dalam expo maupun show yang mendapat apresiasi menarik dari buyer internasional.

Ika, Indonesian designer based in Hong Kong, presented her collection for Fall/Winter 2008, inspired by the number 8. For her, the figure 8 is basically two zeros put together, one on top of the other. Some people also think that it is associated with the infinity symbol (an 8 turned 90 degrees). If you write out the figure 8 you can keep going and never ending; indeed it is infinity.

The shape of figure 8 is round, smooth, continuous and never ending and symbolizes prosperity, good fortune and double happiness when two eights – 88 – are put together.Hence, when we wear clothing or jewelery bearing the symbol or motif of8, it is believed that it will bring us good luck. The smooth, sinuous lines of the garments on Ika’s collections were reminiscent of the number that denotes prosperity and happiness.

Compared to the other designers in the same show, Indonesian designers brought outstanding collection and get attention from audience and the press.

Ika Butoni

Ali Charisma

Florence Liem

Oka Diputra