Here We Are Again

First of all, we’d like to extend our apology for the recent down time. It’s been one helluva week and there was an unfortunate turn of event that caused disruption of service recently. For once, we were in the middle of planning and performing our in house maintenance for moving FD to the new server as Thomas has explained here. But then, we received a small surprise email that looks like this from then our hosting company :

“Your site has been causing quite a bit of server load, enough that other people on your shared server are complaining about it. Sadly I had to disable your site to bring the load back to normal.

fashionese 179786 16.06% 418122.80re 0.23% 820.43cp 25.84%

Your site has been consistently over 700cp (processor minutes) for the last couple of days, we try to keep our customers well under 100. If you can please take any steps you can to reduce your cpu usage on the server.”

I don’t know what all those numbers mean but Kudos to all of you FDers for an outstanding accomplishment we should say… :P . On the downside, it gave them the reason to shut down our beloved Fashionese Daily. And from that point on we were essentially kicked out. This was the reason why you kept seeing Forbidden error message on your screen during the past 3 days.

To make long story short, we expedited things. So here we are now, FD is back up and on the mission. We are now running on our own dedicated server off one of the premier co-location facility with direct access to the fastest and robust Internet backbone network. Splendid!
What this means is that we expect hassle free browsing experience with quick load and processing time regardless of your location and load on the server. So, all is well with FD Nation after all … :) . Enjoy!

By the way, we’d like to know how the new server holds up against the old one. Please let us know your response time getting to the site and whether its quicker, slower or the same. Please let us know your location too. Many thanks!