61. Inside Senaz’s Bag

The Bag: Burberry postman bag in pink

I love this bag so much for several reasons. First of all, I bought this bag with my very own money when still working as an architect, before going on to a full time mom. I mean, even if anyone think this is an ugly or unfashionable bag I’d still love it since I paid for it and chose it myself. Secondly, the size is perfect. Not too small, not too big. I can put every items that I need. Wait till you see the list of what’s inside this bag*wink*. Thirdly, as a person who uses bicycle as her daily life transportation, I can’t complain of what this postman bag model provides me with. Lastly, this bag is a pickpocket-proof. I’ve once wear this bag in Barcelona at a tourist site, a pickpocket magnet. And yes, not just one but two girls had been trying hard just to open the zipper of this bag, when I finally realized what they were doing and when they know that I saw them, they ran. Haha, guess that wasn’t their lucky day. Yes, this bag has a very strong zipper.

Ok. Enough said. So what’s in the bag? Here you go

The Contents:

  • Burberry wallet in pink~well, actually it’s my little sister’s wallet. But since it’s the same pattern as my bag, so I ‘asked’ her to give it to me *grin*
  • Coin wallet~my wallet doesn’t have enough room for all the coins that I have. Besides, it’s more easy to separate the coins with the notes
  • Armani sunglasses~oh, if it’s really shiny outside I definitely use sunglasses, my eyes can’t bare the UV
  • Nokia~I like small phones, especially clamshell model
  • Samsung NV-20 digital camera~to take pictures of my son or just to capture the moments
  • Bobbie Brown lipstick in beige~always wear this when going outside. It keeps my lips from drying
  • Bioterm glossy shine nu.50~sometimes I apply this on top of the lipstick, to make a shiny look
  • Blush on (don’t know the brand because it’s in Japanese word)~not really using it, always bring it just to use the mirror that attached to the packaging
  • Wet tissue~when you have a child, you’ll never know what you’ll be facing
  • Tissue~for runny nose
  • Baby biscuit~to keep my son occupied
  • Diapers (2 pcs)~as a mother of an 11 months baby, this item is a must.
  • Jarum pentul—nggak tau in english*grin*.. ~for someone who wears hijab it could be tricky. Sometimes in the middle of nowhere the needle breaks. That’s why, bring spare part is a good thing to do
  • Hair band ~well, another accessory that I’ve gotta have just in case something’s wrong with the hair band that I use inside the hijab
  • International driving license~wouldn’t be needing this, but then again, just for emergency
  • House key~absolutely a must

Now you can see how this bag can fit a lot of stuff.

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