Fendi Baguette : The Sequel


image courtesy of sassybella.com 

The infamous Fendi baguette has returned. The baguette bags, first launched in 1997, were quite a phenomenon around 10-11 years ago and Fendi is paying a tribute to its 10th anniversary by relaunching them in the Spring ’08 runway. “I wanted to move forward, and I think this is the best way to celebrate a bag that really changed the course of things when minimalism and Prada’s black nylon backpacks were all the rage,” said the Baguette creator Silvia Venturini Fendi.

I personally think that the baguette bag is one of the best from Fendi. I like them better than the overrated Fendi Spy. For Spring, Fendi redesigned the baguette bag in four sizes, from small to extra large (the oversized clutch version) – many feature a detachable strap that turns them into clutches, or for the larger versions, they can be transformed into messenger bags. The Fendi baguettes come in different materials from python to patent leathers and in various forms, beaded, top stiched, embellished, sequined, embroidered, furry, monogram, or even just classically plain and simple. 

fendi3 fendi2

In February a collection of quilted Baguettes in 10 eye-popping colors will become available. Fendi is celebrating the occasion with the “+10″, an all-white canvas bag that comes complete with 10 Pantone markers for customizing your baguette bag in your own design (to those who have kids, you can let them roam free on your baguette with their markers :P).


We will see if these baguettes would make a huge comeback. They’re maybe not for everyone’s taste but I’m sure there are still some Fendi baguette enthusiasts out there, just like myself, who are glad to see their return.  I still have my beloved Mama baguette bags till today and I’m so glad that I never had a thought to let them go. The Mama Baguette, the bigger version of the small baguette, is quite roamy and light to carry around. 


Remember how many baguette bags that Carrie Bradshaw carried on Sex ‘n The City?  I came across to one blog which features one of her lines in the SATC episode, where Carrie was mugged in an alley and  asked for her Purple Sequinned Fendi Baguette Bag. Then she said, “No, no, no sir. You don’t understand. It’s not a bag, its a Baguette! Maybe she would be reunited again with her baguette bags in the upcoming SATC movie! As quoted by The Bag Snob, “the shape is just so perfect, fits right under the arm and holds anything and everything you need for a proper night out or a lunch with the girls. It is one of the all time greatest bags!” I can’t agree more with that! 

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