Unleash Your Inner Copywriter!

Like to play with words and want to show the world you’ve got some cool ideas? Or you just love FD so much and can’t wait to express it in a creative way? :D

Here’s your chance!

As most of you know, we recently changed our tagline to “Indonesia Fashion Spot” which, to be really honest here, we feel isn’t quite right yet. We’ve been trying to figure out another tagline which really captures the spirit and concept of Fashionese Daily but you know what they say….1000 heads are better than 5! (That’s Hanzky, DYS, Thomas, Loucee and me, if you’re wondering)

So anyway, you can help us out and submit your idea for our tagline and because we’re super nice…we will give you a cool prize as a reward. A sparkling and lush fragrance : Island Michael Kors! This fragrance is a radiant mix of Kauai waterfalls, Chinese Kiwi, Ginger Lilies, Bulgarian Rose, and other exotic notes. It’s worth $40 and it can be yours if you can come up with what we’re looking for!

Here’s how :

– Submit your creation / idea on the comment section. One person can submit more than one tagline.

- If you’ve been a faithful reader or forum member of Fashionese Daily, we’re sure you know what we’re looking for. The tagline has to represent this blog as a growing fashion community for Indonesian ; and is chic, fun and relatable. But do try to limit the tagline to a few words only as we want it to be catchy and easy to remember.

– The contest opens for 2 weeks, starting today

- If we find any tagline that we like or at least close to one and is right for FD, we will give the creator a 50 ml Island Michael Kors Eau De Parfum Spray – if not, well, we’re gonna have to keep the prize and use it in another contest I guess…:D

- Due to the shipping restriction on liquid, the prize will be sent within Indonesia only (so if the winner is located outside the country, you have to provide us with an Indonesian address)

We really look forward to hearing your creative ideas!