Plush Lash

Even though most people go to MAC for their incredible range of colors, this brand actually makes decent mascaras. They’re not the best mascara, mind you, but safe and reliable. Pro Lash and Pro Long Lash are both really good everyday mascara while Zoomlash will give you a nice, flirtatious curl that holds quite a long time. The only drawback to those products is they’re not waterproof so on people with oily skin like me (especially around the eye area), they will eventually smudge. Enter Loud Lash. This mascara is able to curl and lengthen and stay on the whole day. Mine ran out a few weeks ago and I was just about to repurchase when I was presented with the newest addition of MAC mascara line : Plush Lash.

Because I was really pleased with the last product, naturally I expected Plush Lash to be another success. Boy, was I wrong. This mascara comes with a unique brush that is flat on one side and rounded on the other. The brush is quite big, similar to DiorShow, and a bit hard to control. That’s one flaw. The second one is it doesn’t curl my lashes. I always use curler before applying mascara and Plush Lash only made them straight again. So weird. I also didn’t notice my lash looking fuller or more “plush”…they just look more black to me. Another thing, and this is a huge flaw, it smudges so badly! I’ve only worn it for a couple hours, although admittedly it was a rather hot day, and already I’ve got raccoon eyes! Yuck!

Suffice to say, I’m disappointed with this product. I noticed that a lot of people on makeupalley seem to think they’ve found their HG mascara with Plush Lash so I might be the minority. Try it if you’re curious, but for me, I’ll keep searching for “the” mascara and will wear the old, trusted ones in the meantime.

Plush Lash is available at any MAC store for Rp. 135.000

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  • silvershore_lake

    Wah, untung ada review-nya Jeung koukla nih. Jadi tak usah penasaran lagi, secara gw juga kaya akan minyak.

    Dulu pernah mau nyobain mascara MAC (lupa yg mana, deh), di konter MAC- DFS Sing. Masa si mbak-nya bilang, “saya ga nganjurin sih mascara MAC ini. Bagusan maybelline koq. Para SA di sini pakenya juga maybelline, tuh”. Lah…., tumben ada SA begini.

    Eniwei, ditambah dengan review di atas, gw gak usah kali yaaa coba2 Plus Lash ini.

    Makasih, Koukla.

  • thornandes

    definitely our beauty goddess, ms. koukla. . :p

  • vveen juga denger review yg bagus2 ttg Plush Lash. Ngga ada rencana beli juga agak penasaran ajah.

    Thanks buat review nya!

  • retrojunkies

    Koukla, thanks for the review ^_^ hampir tergoda beli waktu di PIM 2, tapi sejauh ini buat gw mascara Maybelline paling cocok….:D

  • rica

    kalo gue suka sekali dengan Maybelline mascara range. berhubung eyelashes gue lurus dan susah sekali curl, gue coba Maybelline Volume Express. Biar murah tapi afdol, waterproof, dan lentik sepanjang hari. Lancome, Diorshow, n Chanel Inimitable aja ga mempan di mata gue. Eh mempannya ama Maybelline.

  • babybayi

    Tks for the review, Koukla! So helpful utk banci make up pemula kaya’ aku ini :D
    Jadi makin cinta nih ama Majolica Majorca dan Maybelline.. ^.*

  • ijoli

    kyknya drugstore brand emang yg paling bagus yah klo soal mascara. gw sih belum pernah nyoba mascaranya MAC soalnya selama ini pake yg drugstore brand aja udah bagus banget kok…

  • hilda

    Gw ga pernah kepikiran coba yg lain selain Maybelline. Maybelline sdh mantab buat gw…

  • hilda

    gw ga pernah berpaling dr Maybelline…

  • hilda

    hihi..bingung ada nama hilda jg diatas. This is another hilda…sooo.
    emang maybelline mascara is the best! aku pernah nyoba pake yang curve high…bener2 mantap waterproofnya!
    aku sehari2 gak pake mascara sih hihi.

  • Koukla

    Itu baru namanya SA jujur! Hahaha..sebenernya bbrp maskaranya MAC kualitasnya bagus sih, walaupun dari segi efek emang masih kalah dari Maybelline terutama waterproof-nya. Tp kalo yg Plush Lash ini menurut gue sih bener2 gatot..

    Hehehe, biar udah ibu2 sekarang statusnya bulu mata kan harus tetap lentik dan tebal bow…:P

    Utk yg lain & penggemar maskara Maybelline : You’re welcome and totally agree!

  • Lindy wirasati

    Walah, udah mahal tp hasilnya ruin my eyes to hell…kayaknya saya kualat sm maybelline, secara udah taonan pake maybelline, sok2 ganti mentang2 merk MAC (emang ngaruh)
    And here i am back to my lovely volume express Maybellline walau cuma 70rb perak

  • thornandes

    Koukla, asal jangan jadi kyk goddessnya ala KD ajaaa. . hahahahhaahah! :p

  • Missy L

    selama ini gue penasaran ama mascaranya MAC, pingin nyoba. Tapi ternyata…. ga jadi deh!

  • lyn

    actually gua tadinya juga penasaran sama maskaranya mac. tp ternyata yg lebih murah kaya maybelline malah lebih bagus. so far sih gue masih lebih cinta majolica majorca, yg comes second baru maybelline :P

  • Leela

    g pny yg loud lashnya…BT, nga ada pengaruhnya sm skale….maybelline justru yg ok bgt…
    thks Koukla 4 d review…