The “Bag on Bag”


Everyone in the industry is talking about one of the freshest handbags of Spring 2008, seen on the runways of Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana: the Bag on Bag _or the “Purse on Purse”, as some people prefer to call them . Are they the new IT bags next Spring?

This ‘2 in 1′ bag has an additional little purse attached to the main one. I haven’t seen them in person, but from what I read at the Purse forum, the little one is not detachable unfortunately. Still, I found them brilliant, so you would get two bags for a price of one hehe =) Remember the Louis Vuitton tribute patchwork bag which was previously posted in FD? Both has a similar concept but I found these Marc Jacobs bags are well executed than the LV patchwork. There’s already a polling thread in our forum for the Spring 08 Dolce & Gabbana bags, so I’m posting more the Marc Jacobs ones here.



As we all know, Marc Jacobs seems to name his handbags after his favorite models and these bags are called Serafima after the Russian model, Serafima Vakulenko. These Serafima bags come in yummy bright colors and their shapes remind me of the Kelly bags from Hermès. I was pretty disappointed with Marc Jacobs handbags from past season, especially the Stam quilted bag (to me, quilted bags only belong to Chanel !!!;) even his second line, the Marc by Marc Jacobs has a better collection. Personally, his very first handbag collection is by far, the best and the most innovative of all (his Venetia bag is definitely a keeper!) BUT, I’m starting to fall in LOVE with these Serafimas. Arghhh.. I’d better start saving and feeding more my piggy bank ;) Do you think these Bags on Bags are going to be the next “IT” bag for Spring?

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