Another Year Another Round of Resolution


Of course, I’ll keep this list strictly to Fashion and beauty. Last year, I made a list too in here and looking back, I think I managed to stay on track for the most part. Granted I did buy a few things I shouldn’t have bought according to the list, but it’s not too bad, really, I think it was only a palette of Milani Eyeshadow, a MAC brush and a pair of jeans. So I’ve been a good girl in sticking to the list..but when it comes to sticking to the budget, err..that’s entirely a different story…:D

Now here’s mine for this year:

1. No maternity clothes.

I am currently five and a half months pregnant, so gaining weight is inevitable. I’m not going to starve myself and the baby inside me just so I don’t ballooned up. But I’ll try my best to control what I eat and not go with the eating-for-two philosophy all the time…:D. So far, I have only bought 1 maternity jeans and 1 bella band. Thank goodness for all those empire waist/baby doll/volume trends, they are such a blessing for pregnant women. Because of them, I still manage to avoid maternity tops. Hopefully I can hang on to the clothes that I have now for another three and a half months. Also, hopefully I can shed off those baby fat before the end of the year..I know this is easier said and done. Maybe by having my belly wrapped with the good old 5 meters long stagen for 30 days after I deliver my baby will help speed off the process..ameeenn…:D

2. New hairstyle.

Not now, but sometimes around April. I need to get me a short, easy-to-manage-but-nevertheless-still-look-stylish hairstyle before the baby is born. Sometimes, breastfeeding makes your hair fall out like crazy so it’s best to keep it short. Besides, short hair is easier to maintain I will have time to stand in front of the mirror blow drying and straightening my long hair after every shampoo session!!

3. Quality over Quantity.

I’m planning to go home for good this year. So just in case I have to downgrade the shopping when I get home and can’t shop as much, I still have the beautiful clothes that can withstand the test of time. This means, more shopping through eBay for me or just wait until I can hit Nordstrom rack. And this means, avoiding Forever 21 and H&M at all cost, unless I find stuff that are breathtakingly beautiful.

4. Buy dressier clothes.

Jakarta is different than here when it comes to dressing up. Here, I can get away with wearing flip flops and jeans and tee everywhere with my hair up in a bun. But back home, people are more concern about their looks, and I will have more formal events to attend and meeting more people on the professional level. So, no more buying clothes that are too casual for me. No more buying jeans (okay, maybe 1 or 2 at the most) because I rarely wear them whenever I’m home, it’s been always skirts and dresses time. It’s time to stock up on the editor pants from express, the blazer, clothes with industrial fabric, silk, pencil skirt and the like.
5. Touch up.

There are a lot of times when I go out all day and don’t even bother to check on my make up. I’m not going to reapply my entire make up in a public bathroom or anything like that, but at least I’ll make a point to reapply my lipstick just to freshen up the look..

6. Invest in real jewelry.

I have never thought of buying jewelry as investment in a way that I can sell it back for higher prices like our moms do, especially not when you live here in the State. But it really is an investment when you live back home, you can sell it back whenever you are bored with the style, exchange it with another one or just take the cash home, or just keep it it your jewelry box so you can pass it down to your daughter. I have two beautiful rings that my grandma and my mom passed it to me..and I cried when I received them. It’s like a legacy is being passed on me and they serve as a tangible reminder that some part of them is always there with me. I hope I can continue the tradition and pass those rings to my daughter. See, with all those benefits..that means no more jewelry shopping with guilty feelings for us..isn’t that nice?..It’s about time we can go shopping without the guilty feeling..:D

Now, tell me what’s your fashion resolution?

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