Happy New Year 2008

Ready or not, here it comes!!
New year is always an exciting time. We never know what next year brings, but we sure do hope that it will bring us nothing but good things. I have never been this excited to welcome a new year before, I’m crossing my finger that it’s as promising as it looks…:).

New year is a good time to do an evaluation of what we did during the past year, to check if we’re still on track to accomplish our long term goals and to write a resolution of what we’re going to achieve the following year. I am one of those people who truly believe that writing down your goals is the first important step towards making them happen. We always write down something that we don’t want to miss, right? For example like loved ones birthday, job interview, appointments, etc. So it’s only make sense to write something more important than those, something bigger, like your goals and make the list as your road map to your success. So go ahead, write them down, and make sure to have at least one extra ordinary goal, something that shakes you out of your comfort zone, to make life more interesting, challenging and surprising, to see what you’re really made of..:)

On behalf of Fashionese Daily, I would like to thank all of the faithful readers, the wonderful members on the forum to make this place so much enjoyable to visit. It’s my pleasure to know so many new and inspiring people all over the world. Let’s hope we can take this place up a notch, be better and bigger in 2008. May the 2008 rolls flawlessly as our makeup looks when we wear our favorite Smasbox Photofinish Primer…:o)


*image source http:/www.agrowknow.org/