Decompress, Destress!


Ask any new mom what they’d like to have more and the answer will most likely be : sleep!

Yes, even if you feel happier than you’ve ever been with the addition of this tiny person in your home, unfortunately an 8-hour sleep becomes elusive. Your body may adjust to it after 2 weeks (I can even proudly say that I’ve managed to stay awake the whole day without caffeine!), your eyes or the skin around it will not and the lack of a good restful slumber will start to take its toll.

I guess I’m quite lucky that during pregnancy and this crazy period which I call the first month of motherhood, my skin is relatively unaffected. However, I can not say the same thing about my eyes. I constantly wake up with puffy eyes and I start to notice dark circles underneath becoming more prominent. So during one of those seemingly endless nights, I decided to try a cute little product from Talika called Eye Decompress.

Talika Eye Decompress is basically an eye mask but they give you this strip which contains a small pastille and a blue solution. To use it, you put the little pastille into the blue solution, the pastille will then absorb the solution and will “magically” turn into an eye mask before your very eyes! Nifty!

I put the mask on my eyes for 10 minutes and admittedly it was already relaxing by itself. The mask felt cool and soothing on my eyes and it helped if you clear your mind from the poopy diapers you have to change in the next 3 years or so and visualize something relaxing and peaceful….like lying beside an infinity pool with clear, blue water with a glass of Mojitos in your hand while somebody is giving you a back massage. Aaaahhhh….

This 10 minute’s break was so nice that I almost forgot to check the mirror for the result but I did. And even though I had to say that I didn’t see anything dramatic, I could certainly see that my eyes looked more “alive” than before.

The verdict? Don’t count on this product for a magical result. Your eyes will still be puffy the next day (unless Daddy learns to produce breast milk overnight) and the dark circles will not go away, but if what you’re after is a quick “pick me up” for your tired eyes, than go ahead and put the mask on, get your feet up and enjoy!

Talika Eye Decompress is available at all Talika counters and Senses – Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Level 2.