My Favorite Socialite Turns to Designer

toryburch.jpgThere seems to be an intertwining effect of fashion and socio-cultural status. One can become a socialite once one has become a designer, and vice versa. To talk about which one comes first: the designer or socialite, is like talking whether egg or chicken comes first. Only a special strata can afford a Chloe blouse or a Valentino gown; a strata that is widely known as socialite. On the other hand, only specific person may become socialite’s favorite designer: a designer that provides a luxury in materials, effortless elegance and stylish designs.

There are numbers of designers that turns out to be socialite and are socialite’s darling; such as: Zac Posen whose regular dinners has been a must attend event for socialites; and Marc Jacobs whose humble attitude of giving freebies for the socialites is widely known.

Then what about the socialite who turns out to be a designer? It is perhaps harder for a socialite to become a designer. Socialite are usually equipped with an impeccable fashion sense, but being a designer takes more than a theory of what does or doesn’t work with your own body, or a simplistic view of what the current trend is. A socialite that wants to be a designer will need at least a design background, a liquid cash flow, and a network of publication. Many socialites have tried this path, but among the most successful ones that are my favorites are: Gloria Vanderbilt and Tory Burch. Their design are simple yet fashionable, the color palettes exudes elegance yet still maintains to be cheerful, their designs are sexy without being overtly revealing, and the materials are comfy yet perfectly polished in details.

The reason that I mentioned above are not the only reasons why people bought Gloria’s or Tory’s product. A segment of buyers also thinks that the most alluring part of these brands is how they are not widely known or publicly worn, and also the feeling of being a socialite whose membership are exclusive is what they are buying by buying these products. Whatever one’s reasons to buy Gloria’s or Tory’s product, I would give two thumbs up for Gloria’s and Tory’s success in juggling with their activities business women and a mother, while maintaining a tres chic style in doing all that.