Garnier Light Whitening Tissue Mask

I love facial masks. I love them simply for the instant effects that good masks can give us. I’m sure the good ones have long-term benefits for our skin, but frankly it’s the instant gratification that keeps me coming back for more. Good facial masks can make our skin feel suppler, clearer and it’s also a good way to test a specific skincare brand without having to invest too much, unlike with a serum or a moisturizer.

So when I came home from work about a week ago and discovered a package containing samples of Garnier Whitening Infusion Tissue Mask, I was excited to try it (Thanks a lot for the ladies over at Garnier for sending us the samples!). I have to admit, I was a bit wary of this product at first because of the word “whitening” in it. I don’t want to “whiten” my skin and I have very strong opinions about whitening products in general (more about this some other time) but after a careful read of the product knowledge, I concluded that this mask stresses more to making the skin brighter than whiter.

Garnier Tissue Mask contains pure lemon essence and vitamin C that are know to lift off dull skin, lighten skin tone and boost skin radiance. This product claims to help instantly boost skin’s luminosity, makes dark spots less visible, skin fairer and more transparent. I love the lemon scent on this product, it really is refreshing and feels amazing on my skin however I didn’t notice any difference with my skin tone after using it for the first time. But like any good mask, my skin was definitely smoother and suppler after just one use.

Turned out it took 3 use for the magic to start working (on my skin anyway). Last night, I pulled the mask off my face and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I realized …I looked luminous! This continues well into the next day, I took a shower in the morning and caught a glimpse of my reflection from the bathroom mirror and saw that I looked well-rested, my skin glows and there was a noticeable healthy pink tinge on both my cheeks. I did not look like someone who was up every hour to go the bathroom because her 3,2 kg baby’s position is somehow fantastically pressing her bladder for a week.

Garnier Tissue Mask contains 14 days worth of products inside one pack though I can not report this as I am only in my third use. But regardless how many times you can use a single tissue mask, for Rp. 15.900 a piece, this one does not disappoint at all.

Edit:  1 mask of Garnier Tissue Mask is meant to be used for one time usage as it gives you equal benefit to 14 days of whitening care. It’s not meant for re-use up to 14 days, but if the content is too much for you and you like to store the leftover in the fridge for re-use you can do that too..:)