Tote for Teachers by Zac Posen & DHL


Due to my recent venture in a handbag company, I’m constantly browsing through several handbag websites, and I’ve found a very interesting site, TeachersCount. It’s a program dedicated to benefit teachers, in which Zac Posen, teaming up with DHL, exclusively designed ‘Tote for Teachers’, a limited-edition messenger bag in an envelope shape.


The Zac Posen bag is made of Italian leather and lined in cotton twill. The envelope shape, the red and yellow colors obviously symbolize DHL, the air freight/shipping company. Despite its flat look, the bag is expected to be expandable and provides enough room to carry your daily belongings. Please find out more about the bag, here. As it’s said from the website, “for every one of these limited-edition Zac Posen totes, sold at $ 400 a piece, DHL will donate 100% of the proceeds to TeachersCount, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a permanent culture of teacher appreciation.”

TeachersCount features the “Behind Every Famous Person Is a Fabulous Teacher” campaign, which pairs well-known individuals, such as Zac Posen and others, with their favorite teachers for ads that appear throughout the Time Inc. magazines. Zac Posen is featured with his favorite English teacher, Jane Avrich. To view other celebrities’ favorite teachers, click here.


Pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa, adalah ungkapan yang sering diberikan kepada mereka. Teachers are easily forgotten, mostly ignored, and receive a small income, especially in Indonesia. Sometimes, I don’t really blame them for taking ‘gratuity’ from those wealthy kids in favor of a higher grade (of course not all of them, I’m not trying to generalize at all). At first, I was shocked seeing that happened during my high school years, but their income was unacceptably low (and unfortunately, that hasn’t changed until now!). Well, in exception maybe those who teach in colleges, they probably receive a more descent salary.

Hopefully one day, the Indonesian education will improve along with the life of our teachers. (Denger-denger, sekolah di Kalimantan Timur sekarang sudah gratis semua sampai tingkat universitas! *bisa di confirm tidak dari FD-ers di Kalimantan?”) We certainly could learn a lot from this ‘TeachersCount’ campaign and maybe would inspire our FD readers in Indonesia or anywhere.

I still have fresh memories of those who taught me at my early stage, from kindergarden to junior high. They’re actually the ones who have contributed to what I am today, even more than my undergrad and grad professors. All my respects to my beautiful Cekgu Rose of My Melody Kindergarden, the late Ibu Anne of SD Iskandaria, Mr. Lavocat and Mme. Sanchez of Lycée Pierre Mendès France, my history & geography teachers and all my art teachers. Do you have any favorite teacher(s) of all time?

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