The 2007 New York’s Village Halloween Parade


HALLOWEEN is one of my favourite events of the year. And I surely don’t want to miss the annual Halloween parade in Greenwich Village, New York, as it is one of the biggest in the US. Let’s take a look of what this parade is all about!

Before moving to the States, I wasn’t into this whole Halloween celebration at all. I found it totally unnecessary and couldn’t understand the main point behind it. But when I experienced the Halloween parade myself, seeing the creativity behind the costumes, the makeup and styling efforts, the togetherness, and the smiles on everyone’s faces, all of those have definitely changed my perception about Halloween.

The parade itself, to me, is sort of a fashion runway, a very very long one for sure, with REAL PEOPLE wearing their own original costumes walking on the street as their catwalk. Gak kalah deh ama Fashion Week ;P hehe.. Since I’ve started a post about Halloween in our forum, and seems to receive a very good response, I figure maybe I should share the famed Halloween parade, here in New York.

The New York’s Village Halloween Parade started by a Greenwich Village mask maker and puppeteer in 1973, the parade began as a walk from house to house in his neighborhood for his children and their friends. Today the New York’s Village Halloween Parade is the largest Halloween celebration in the world and has been chosen by Festivals International as “The Best Event in the World” on October 31st. The theme of the Halloween parade this year is “Wings of Desire”, which was inspired by creatures that come out as the sun sets.

On Halloween night, October 31st, I met up with a friend who was also eager to see the parade. Purplerebel and I also planned to meet up, but we didn’t meet ;( hiks.. jeng Purple, another time yah say =) Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing a costume this year *shame on ME!*.. After work, I couldn’t go home to change and ended up wearing this bee antenna headpiece that my dear friend found in her closet. But anyway, I’ve seen some great costumes at the parade.. and want to share them here with our beloved FD readers =) ENJOY!

“have a FLASH day!” from the FLASH couple

the guy on the left pic, simply dressed up as a TREE ! hehe ;)

LOOK.. it’s Colonel Sanders from KFC !

impersonating a character/celebrity : Elvis, Amy Winehouse, the late Anna Nicole Smith, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians

scary characters including W. Bush ;P

colorful costumes: was it Mardi Gras / Rio de Janeiro’s carnival?

Wanna see more pics from the parade? Click here and here !

Sources :, images courtesy of ZA, online albums courtesy of Carl Fung on pbase and dietrich on flickr