Thank you for the votes!

Thanks for all the bloggers and FDers who’ve nominated us as one of the favorite blogs for the women’s issue category. Unexpectedly our beloved FashioneseDaily won the Favorite Blog Award for that category….hooraay! Also, thanks to our very own resident writer, dearest Ms. Koukla, for representing the FDers. Many thanks for everyone’s kind words and support in this Forum thread too.

The event, held at Blitz Megaplex, was Indonesia’s first blog mega-gathering attended by 500 bloggers and representing over 130.000 Indonesian bloggers. Now the event’s date, (October 27) has been officially designated as the Indonesian Blogger Day. It’s a testament that blogging has become a serious gig in Indonesia and bloggers remain to be a major force to reckon with. And FD is proud to be a part of that process.

Pesta Blogger

We’d also like to Congratulate other winners as well. Here’s the list :

Online marketing dan sales: Media Ide Bajing Loncat
Women’s issues: Fashionese Daily
Technology: Ilmu
Personall: Istri Bawel
Celebrity: Jennie S. Bev
Current issues: Perspektif. net
Bridge Blogging: Enda Nasution
Best Newcomer: Lidya Wangsa

Speaking about blogging, did you know that Jakarta, St. Louis, New York City, London, Washington DC and Singapore are all listed on the world’s top cities for blog postings and comments according to this BusinessWeek article. These are all cities that FD team proudly call home.
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