CHANEL Ankle Purse, YAY or NAY?




I stumbled upon one of the pictures above while reading US Weekly yesterday. And, I went browsing through to view more of CHANEL RTW Spring/Summer 2008 collection. As much as I adore CHANEL classic quilted bags, admire Karl Lagerfeld’s masterpieces, and understand that they’re trying to come out with some innovative accessories. BUT, these ankle purses -or wallets, as some prefer to refer them, are definitely a big NAY . I wouldn’t spend more than $ 1,000 for a tiny purse/wallet that you’d wear on your ankle! Can you imagine when it suddenly rains or snows? It certainly would ruin that tiny purse. Well, maybe in that case, you’d rather hold it in your hands!

Usmagazine reported that they were inspired by those alcohol monitoring devices worn by ‘young-troubled’ hollywood celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Eve, and Michelle Rodriguez. This monitoring device is called SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device — an ankle bracelet worn to test for alcohol vapors that come out of the skin. The tests will go on every 30 minutes for 90 days ( or even 30 or 45 days, as required to each individual). Please don’t tell me that those SCRAM become chic and fashionable now! If that truly happens, it’s definitely misleading!

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