COS , H&M newest chain


COS: Collection of Style,


Collection Of Style (COS) is H&M latest retail chain, created by an in-house design and buying team involving Michael Kristensen (head of menswear design) and Rebekka Bay (head of womenswear design). COS doesn’t have its own factories, their collections are produced by approximately 60 independent suppliers with 80% of production in Europe and 20% in Asia. Read their press release here.

COS was launched on March 16, 2007 in their UK flagship store in London. For those who live in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, probably have already been to their stores. Any FDers who have visited the COS store, please do share it with us here! And, they’re planning to open one in France around March 2008 next year and some other cities around Europe. Most of their stores are designed by William Russell, a renowned architect who also designed the Alexander McQueen store.

I’m only able to see their collection online, so I honestly do not know much. But from what I’ve seen, it seems like the collection has a certain ‘scandinavian/nordic flair’, minimalist with clean lines, and some unconstructed silhouettes, view their collection here. Quoting from their web, COS involves fashion essentials, re-invented classics and the latest trends. They want to emphasize on QUALITY from fabric, fit and finish, within an affordable price range.

Also, they would have new pieces updated almost everyday ! Hmm.. definitely something new and different.. I wonder how their design team work.. Do they have to come out with new designs daily? within a week or just a month before? or maybe they have already planned it all for one season, for each every day in a month..*that would be insane!!*.. Does anyone know about it?

Hopefully, COS would arrive here soon… hmm, we still don’t have Topshop and Mango here in NY.. We may have Mango pretty soon thanks to that huge MNG poster in Soho featuring the Cruz sisters: Penelope & Monica Cruz, but it seems to take forever..I won’t be surprise if COS would open first in Asia…*siapa tau buka duluan malah di Jakarta?*… As an avid H&M fan, I surely can’t wait!

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