Jewelry Box Basics

We already know how to build our own wardrobe, to start with the high quality basic and slowly add a trendier piece to freshen up our outfit. Turned out, the same formula applies in building our own jewelry wardrobe too. There are some essentials jewelries that we will treasure for many years to come due to their versatility and are proven to be classic. Rachel Zoe, the master of mixing and matching accessories who is developing her jewelry line, shares her jewelry must have list in her Style A to Z book, and I happen to agree with her list and add my own comment on each list.

- Diamond studs, real or fake. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are small, but their sparks can light up the whole room..:D…they are simple yet elegant, sparkling but not too flashy. Get the real one if you can, but if it’s out of the budget, a small zirconia would be a good replacement.


- Wow earrings. A chandelier, anything that can transform your look from ordinary to extra ordinary.

- Hoop earrings, preferably one pair in white metal, another in yellow. You can wear hoop earrings everyday and they are always appropriate for any occasion.

- A dressy watch.
A statement-making cocktail ring.

A strand of pearls, real or the best fake you can find. Pearls are classic, need I say more? They make you look as graceful as Audrey Hepburn..:D
A simple chain for every day, ideally with a charm that is personally meaningful that it becomes a signature.

- A dressy necklace. It can sparkle with crystals,diamonds, or colored stones. Make sure it’s something that has glimmer, and makes you feel instantly dazzling.

- A bracelet, be it a bangle or cuff or charm. Some people like the delicate bangles, some like the boldness that comes with cuff and some like the playfulness of a charm. Whichever suits your style.

Looks like I’ve only halfway done. I need #1, 4, 5, 6 to complete my basic jewelry wardrobe. How about you?