Yves Saint Laurent’s Pierre Bergé Exhibition


Remember this iconic photo of Le Smoking tux, photographed by Helmut Newton?


Those two classic photos, shot by Newton in 1975 for Vogue Paris, will always stay in my head forever eternally. Yves Saint Laurent, the legendary couturier, was the one who designed the famous ‘Le Smoking’. Quoting from Wikipedia, Le Smoking tuxedo suit for women, created in 1966, was the first of its kind. It pioneered long, minimalist, androgynous styles for women, as well as the use of power suits and the pantsuit in modern-day society. Yves Saint-Laurent was seen by many as having empowered women by giving them the option to wear clothes that were normally worn by men with influence and power. In 1966, women were routinely turned away from restaurants if they’re wearing trousers! One of the first victims of Le Smoking was the late Nan Kempner, a New York socialite and couture collector. She was refused to enter a restaurant in Paris, because she was wearing one of Saint Laurent’s first suits. To protest, she took off the trousers, handed them to her husband and strode into the restaurant wearing just the dinner jacket as a mini-dress! Kudos to Mrs. Kempner for her rebellious act that surely made a huge impact to the history of womenswear today. Can you imagine not being able to wear pants in your daily life? I know I would be miserable.

Honoring Yves Saint Laurent’s great accomplishment to the fashion world, an exhibition at the Pierre Bergé Foundation in Paris, celebrates YSL’s contributions to the stage and screen with Théâtre, Cinéma, Music-Hall, Ballet, reported elle.com.

Yves Saint Laurent during a rehearsal of the ballet Maldoror at the Théâtre National Populaire (1962)

Breathtaking pieces which he created for movies, theater, ballet, and music plays, from Catherine Deneuve in Belle de Jour to Geneviève Page in a stage production of L’Aigle à deux têtes, would be exposed. The exhibition was opened during the Paris S/S 2008 fashion week, and would run till January 27, 2008. The YSL exhibition features dresses, film clips, photographs, and original sketches of Yves Saint Laurent’s contributions to the French arts that have never been accessible for public viewing.


Meanwhile, the label is expanding its e-commerce market by newly relaunching their website, YSL.com. The website features an online store/boutique exclusively in the United States, with women’s ready-to-wear and accessories.


So, for those of you in the States, you could now shop just a click away to the latest YSL items. And those who live in France, especially in Paris, do not miss this great exhibition. Théâtre, Cinéma, Music-Hall, Ballet, at the Pierre Bergé Foundation through January 27, 5 avenue Marceau, 75116, Paris, 33 44 31 64 31.

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